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Advanced Performing Arts Program at Spruce Creek

The Establishment of the Advanced Performing Arts Program (APA) at Spruce Creek High School has created educational opportunities for students that are gifted in the performing arts in Volusia County. 

The APA Program is an auditioned educational program where students have met specific admission requirements.  Continued enrollment in the program is dependent upon maintaining the highest expectations in both performing arts and academic courses.

Please read through the requirements in this handbook as it contains specific information for each program and the standards which you will be held to.  Please contact your specific performing arts area faculty if you have specific questions for your program.

Objective and Goals

  • To promote an environment for all students to experience the arts to enrich their education through co-curricular and collaborative efforts.

  • To promote and sustain the high academic achievement at Spruce Creek High School.

  • To provide students opportunities to earn industry certifications.

  • To build a collaborative performing arts community at Spruce Creek High School, the Port Orange Community, and Volusia County Schools. 

  • To provide students with the opportunities to receive specialized tutoring and mentoring from professionals in their field of study. 



The Advanced Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School will be a four-year, full academic curriculum, which includes honors, dual enrollment, advanced placement, and International Baccalaureate courses. The advanced intensive arts curriculum includes dance, vocal, band, orchestra, jazz, piano, and theatre (including performance, technical/design, leadership, and musical theatre). A minimum of 8 courses in the student's performing arts area is required. It is suggested that students take 12 courses to fully immerse themselves in the performing arts curriculum.  Students may need to take online classes to be able to fulfill their commitment to their chosen programs of study.

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